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Official Rules

global.domains strives to approach and resolve every situation with professionalism, logic, and common sense. If you’re ever in doubt about how a particular situation will be handled, you can often arrive at the answer by employing those same principles.

There is not a specific rule for everything. In situations where a rule does not exist, we will rely on our fundamental standards and principles. This is necessary because it would be impractical to cover every possible scenario, and an exhaustive rule book would be intimidating, difficult to remember, and counterproductive. Instead, the rules highlight the things that have proven to be the most necessary to maintain a fair and balanced community environment.

Contact us if you have any questions about rules or anything else.

global.domains Rules

1. General (»)
1.1. Do not spam or engage in self-promotion outside of the designated promotional sections (e.g., you may share discounts in Domain Coupons) and permitted threads (i.e., discussions or reviews about an entity that you represent). Rule 1.15 applies. Exceptions are made for paid ads. Tip: Ads can be posted for free in the Promotional section.
1.2. Be professional, tactful, and constructive at all times, including with your username and profile picture. Do not intentionally disrespect, harass, threaten, attack, instigate, insult, antagonize, or be aggressive toward others.
1.3. Abstain from using excessive or aggressive profanity in your writing.
1.4. Do not post any unowned or improperly licensed intellectual property.
1.5. Do not post anything suggestive, inquisitive, or critical of global.domains (e.g., policy, staff, or moderator activity: infractions, content approval, edited/deleted posts, etc.) except in the designated Help Desk area (e.g., in the private support or public feedback sections).
1.6. Do not violate the global.domains Terms of Service or Privacy Policy that you agree to while using this site.
1.7. Explicit adult content is prohibited in all public areas and must be in the designated area for Adult content.
1.8. Instructions from global.domains staff must be followed the same as specific rules.
1.9. Do not engage in or promote illegal, fraudulent, or deceptive activities, such as bait-and-switch or conning (e.g., requesting a paid appraisal before purchasing an item is not allowed).
1.10 Do not intentionally misrepresent information (e.g., lie), mislead others (e.g., post in the same thread using multiple accounts), or manipulate (e.g., refresh a page solely to increase views).
1.11 Placeholder.
1.12. Duplicate content is forbidden unless quoted or made clear it is copied, used within reason, and applicable to where it’s posted. Duplicate content includes writing or sharing the same content in multiple places on global.domains, posting content that has been copied from other websites, etc. Rule 1.27 applies.
1.13. Consolidate your posts and threads on the same topic into a single open thread (or post) where possible. This is mandatory for most open marketplace listings. Tip: “Open” means that it can receive replies.
1.14. Do not make noncontributory posts/threads or artificially inflate your post count (“post pad”):

  • Do not unnecessarily post multiple times in a single discussion in a short period of time, sometimes called instant messaging (instead, take your time before posting so that all relevant content can be grouped together within a minimum amount of posts). Exceptions are made where reasonable (e.g., edit time limits have passed or each reply is dedicated to a different member’s post).
  • Only post comments and questions that are relevant to the topic and contribute to the discussion (e.g., posting a single word like “bump” is not contributory; instead, post a short question or unique comment to encourage new activity in a thread).
  • Needlessly short and noncontributory posts are not allowed. Exceptions may be made in select sections like Domain Name Requests, Meet and Greet (Networking), Domain Industry News, global.domains Blog comments, Domain Chat, and Domain Name Sales unless the thread indicates that it’s not allowed in that particular thread.
  • Exception: Only global.domains staff may post a noncontributory bump in someone else’s thread, such as when a new thread is hidden temporarily (e.g., awaiting approval) and experiences a decrease in visibility.
1.15. Organization. (a) All content must be organized in an appropriate section (“forum”). (b) Posts and messages must be on topic and relevant where submitted (e.g., a discussion thread or direct message).
  • Note: The topic of a page is determined primarily by its title (and sometimes secondarily or refined by its first post/message); subsequent posts (even by the topic’s creator) do not change the topic. If a topic’s creator changes the title or first post/message within the edit time limits, then previous posts/messages will be unaffected and the new topic will apply moving forward only.
1.16. Only one account is permitted per member unless it’s a Gold Account and all accounts are in good standing.
1.20. Do not disrupt, or abuse your privilege to use, this website with unreasonably long posts, keyword stuffing, white text on a white background, by disliking random posts, etc.
1.21. Do not indirectly or directly refer to your signature block, suggest looking at your signature block, or include your content signature or signature block in any post; instead, use the signature block feature. Exceptions may be made if your signature is short and relevant or short and benign (e.g., your first name with no catch phrases and no domain names), especially in the marketplace and direct messages where content signatures are generally allowed.
1.22. Do not directly refer or imply to message you for (new, supplemental, additional, etc.) information.
1.23 Do not use emojis (e.g., emoticons such as ☺️) or decorative text (e.g., /!\ or ><(((('>) in titles except where unavoidable (e.g., they’re necessary to write internationalized domain name/s and currency symbols in price/s). This rule does not apply to posts or messages. Example: “Let’s discuss the smiley face IDN: ☺️.com (punycode: xn--74h.com)” is an allowed title. An exception may be made if it’s a single character or two, at the end of the title, used infrequently, and relevant to the title (e.g., the golfer emoji at the end of a title about golfing 🏌).
1.24-1.26. Placeholder.
1.27. Give credit to source(s) in a reasonable way in your posts (e.g., “Hat tip to source's name“). Citation often includes a link back to the original page or the home page of the original source. An exception may be made if the user is the owner of the content (e.g., the author of the article).
1.28. Do not use (e.g., copy or reference) user-generated content outside of this website in excess or without proper citation (e.g., to provide proper citation, include a source link back to the original page on global.domains).
1.29 (»). Do not advertise, publicize, or promote external domain-related forums or communities on global.domains. This includes linking to pages that directly promote them. The only exception to this rule is local events and meetups that are in person (face to face).
1.30. Do not misquote or take quotes out of context from other people or businesses.
1.31. Do not post links that mask the destination such as links from URL shorteners (“screened text”); use only the full URL (the longer version).
1.32. Do not use any language other than English to communicate on this website (e.g., status updates, profile posts, thread posts, direct messages, or comments), except to help explain the rules. This only applies to communication and does not include things like domain names in other languages. Exceptions may be made where reasonable (e.g., to supplement English greetings, to discuss or explain in English a phrase from another language, and to compare English words with their equivalent words in other languages).
2. Discussion (»)
2.2. Do not post commercial advertising. Non-commercial linking is only permitted in the Domain News section (Domain News rules apply) and similarly-purposed posts, including new threads, according to rule 11.1.
2.3. Do not post about for-sale listings or active auctions (scheduled or ongoing) except in the marketplace (rule 6.1.1 applies). Exceptions are made for paid ads and two domain list sections (i.e., assorted lists and expired lists). Exceptions may be made for Reviews. Tip: Sales and auctions that have ended or been cancelled may be discussed in discussions sections.
2.4. Do not post an external link to your domain name or your entire portfolio within discussion threads or contests.
2.5. Official threads for entities (e.g., companies or services) require authorization from an administrator and may only be created by their official representatives. Tip: Unaffiliated members may create review topics instead.
2.6. Do not create a thread solely for the purpose of reporting a sale unless at least the item’s full name (e.g., domain name or business name) and exact sale price are shared within it. Exceptions may be made if the sale has been verified by a trusted third-party source. This rule does not apply to showcase threads where everyone can share partial details about their sales (e.g., “the name starts with insurance and sold for $XX,XXX”) in the same thread (not limited to 1 showcase thread but rule 1.13 applies).
3. Signatures (»)
3.1. Signatures may not include links to sites that contain explicit, sexually-orientated, illegal or obscene content.
9. Adult (»)
1. References to illegal activity are not allowed per General rule 1.9.
2. Write the first and last letter of profanities with asterisks in between as the global.domains system automatically masks certain obscenities.
3. You must be at least 18 years of age to access this area of the site.
4. All Official Rules of global.domains apply.
1. What are some of the illegal activities I’m not allowed to reference in the adult section?
a. Non-consensual sexual activity unless deliberately specified as “consensual.”
b. Pedophilia or anything that could be construed as pedophilia, including models or characters who might look like children. Sexual acts being performed by those under the age of 18 are not allowed.
c. Beastiality.
d. global.domains will fully cooperate with federal law enforcement authorities to help identify the individuals who are found to be involved with selling this paraphernalia.
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