DNJ Domain Name Sales TOP10

(1) Chill.com for $1,600,000
(2) TechnologyHoldings.com priced at $150,000 (≈ ¥1,006,000)
The domain name was sold by well-known investor Michael Mann to technologyholdings (technology-holdings.com), a technology business service provider; although the domain name is longer in characters, the domain name matches the brand and the existing hyphenated domain name exactly. A very nice domain upgrade.

(3) Onda.com sells for $80,000
(4) Virtua.com for $78,000
(5) Agent.com for $65,000
(6) Maga.com for $65,000
(7) Karo.com for $48,000
(8) ITJobs.mx for $35,000
“.mx (Mexico national top-level domain name)” can be understood as the abbreviation of Mexico (Mexico) and the mail exchange record (MX record) in the domain name system.

The buyer of ITjobs.mx is Jobs.bg, a Bulgarian IT project recruitment platform. The terminal also acquired ITjobs.tw with the same subject at a price of US$25,000, perhaps with the intention of expanding its business to Mexico and Taiwan.

(9) Testimonial.io for $35,000
(10) Xenture.com for $30,000

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