Sale of for $68,500 – Impressive!

Yesterday the domain name – Sold for $68,500 on

Now that’s a lot of money for a three word domain name, especially one that only has 15 backlinks.

Looking back its been suspended at for a while before dropping and being picked up by and auctioned off, The domain was under privacy for a period of time but at one point in 2019, had a developed website and links to this company MRR HEALTH TECH.

I do see some worth in this domain name but not $68,500 USD unless, I am missing something…


Domain News

Here is a list of domain names owned by HubSpot Inc, as of March 2023

2023-3-9 3:38:06

Domain News

It’s all about the numbers

2023-3-10 3:39:40

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