[Trading List]Anynet acquired AN.net for about 240000 yuan

Sedo has reported 83 sales ≥ $2000 in the current period. At present, 15 sales have been confirmed to be acquired by terminals (or individual stations):

■ AN. net price $33,000 (≈ ¥ 240,000)
The buyer, Anynet, is an Internet agent service provider.

■ GreatLake. Com sells for $12500 (≈ ¥ 90500 yuan)
At present, when visiting the domain name, the website shows that “GREAT LAKE STRATEGY is a” political participation institution, committed to repairing our system, promoting reform and defending our democracy “.

■ 7express. Com sells for $11000 (≈ ¥ 79700 yuan)
The buyer is Hasti Parcel, a logistics company, and 7express is a new service to be launched by the company.

■ Punctuation. Com sells for $10000 (≈ ¥ 72500 yuan)
The domain name is forwarded to david baker Com, the buyer David C Baker claims to be “the leading authority in positioning, reshaping and selling companies in the creative and digital fields”.
However, from his website, we could not determine his specific plan for the domain name “Punctuation. com”, and the relevant information needs to be followed up.

■ Gbh. Net price € 9600 (≈ ¥ 69700)
The buyer GBH is a comprehensive group located in Martinique, France. At present, the domain name is set to be forwarded to HBH.fr of the same subject.

■ MindCloud. Com sells for $9500 (≈ ¥ 68800)
The buyer is the Dutch game publisher Zygomatic. At present, the bottom of the website displays “Dit domain is gereserveerd voor een krant van Site4U (this domain is reserved for Site4U customers)”, which looks like a game name.

■ MADStudio. Com sells for 7500 (≈ ¥ 54400 yuan)
Mexican Architecture and Design Studio purchased this acronym domain name, which currently has a simple Coming Soon page.

■ Wulf. The selling price of io is $6575 (≈ ¥ 47600)
This domain name is forwarded to Novawulf’s website novawulf.io.

■ Distance-Learning. Com sells for € 6500 (≈ ¥ 47200)
“Distance Learning”; The buyer is SRH Hochschulen GmbH, a German educational institution. At present, the domain name settings are forwarded to mobile-university.de.

■ MolyCorp. com sells for $4999 (≈ ¥ 36,200)
The buyer TruGroup is a company dealing with rare earth elements. “Molycorp” is the name of a bankrupt and acquired mining company. The domain name is currently forwarded to the page on TruGroup’s website where Molycorp is mentioned.

■ BlossomUp. Com sells for $3499 (≈ ¥ 25400)
BlossomUp. Shopify. com will be a new store using Shopify.

■ GlobalBau. Com price $3200 (≈ ¥ 23200 yuan)
The buyer, GlobalBau, is a one-stop service provider for architectural design projects in Switzerland.

■ DoleSunshine. The price of de is 2999 (≈ ¥ 21800 yuan)
The brand protection service company MarkMonitor purchased this domain name for customers, but the domain name has not been enabled yet.

■ FootballInternet. Com price $2799 (≈ ¥ 20300 yuan)
A Nigerian company named Football Internet Limited has purchased this domain name, but we haven’t found any information about this company yet.

■ Skyhubs. Com sells for $2695 (≈ ¥ 19500)
The buyer SkyHubs is an urban air transportation company.


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