A look at the 33 reported 6 figure new gtld domain name sales of all time

At Namebio there are 13,204 reported new gtld domain name sales. When it comes to 6 figures or better the list is narrowed down to just 33.

.Top leads the way with 10.xyz takes silver with 7 sales. .Club has 3 while .games and .live each have 2. Nine other extensions have one singular 6 figure sales.

Let’s take a look at how these names are being or not being used.

online.casino 510,000 USD Casino review site
vacation.rentals 500,300 USD Live website
home.loans 500,000 USD Information website
free.games 335,000 USD Parked at UNI
the.club 300,000 USD Fwd to InvitedHome.com
b.top 218,880 USD Crypto Mining website
casino.online 201,250 USD Casino review site
eth.club 200,000 USD Old for sale page still up
shop.app 200,000 USD Shopify live App
x.top 191,001 USD Does not resolve
video.games 183,000 USD Does not resolve
1.xyz 181,720 USD Does not resolve
p.top 176,369 USD Does not resolve
v.top 175,721 USD Does not resolve
u.top 175,692 USD Does not resolve
9.xyz 175,166 USD Resolves to .xyz premium page
8.top 172,758 USD Chinese landing page For Sale
c.top 167,223 USD Does not resolve
e.top 163,125 USD Does not resolve
t.top 162,484 USD Does not resolve
s.top 161,684 USD Does not resolve
sex.live 160,000 USD For sale page
wine.club 140,000 USD 101Domain Landing page
live.chat 125,000 USD Live Website
6.xyz 125,000 USD Chinese For sale page
porn.live 120,000 USD For sale page
co.ltd 115,000 USD Live website (Chinese)
wrap.xyz 110,000 USD DAN landing page old seller
capital.xyz 105,000 USD Holder page no website
profile.xyz 104,000 USD Does not resolve
sportsbet.xyz 103,910 USD Redirects to Sportsbet.io
net.work 100,000 USD Does not resolve
autism.rocks 100,000 USD GoDaddy lander

So we only have 8 names being put to actual use. Two names are being used as redirects to websites on other extensions.

Are you surprised there have only been 33 reported new gtld domain name sales?

All sales data courtesy of Namebio

Note: There are many sales that are unreported each month. We cannot comment on the unknown, so we deal with what’s reported to and by reliable sources.

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