Domain Sale Stats 17th July 2022

This data assumes all sales from,, Register.TO, GoDaddy, NameJet, DropCatch, Dynadot, SnapNames,,, and NamesCon are wholesale and all others are retail.

SLD TLD Sale Price Phrase Venue
sne com 63,499 sne GoDaddy
6373 com 15,550 6373 GoDaddy
lipizzan org 5,100 lipizzan GoDaddy
legacyinvestmentgroup com 4,688 “legacy investment group” BuyDomains
cityloan com 3,200 “city loan” GoDaddy
blockco com 3,150 “block co” NameJet
hearx com 2,755 hearx DropCatch
davisgroup com 2,700 “davis group” NameJet
slpservices com 2,288 “slp services” BuyDomains
sydneypool com 2,288 “sydney pool” BuyDomains
totallyplay com 2,188 “totally play” BuyDomains
cohengroup com 1,950 “cohen group” NameJet
thejit org 1,800 thejit
hickson com 1,710 hickson NameJet
sole net 1,582 sole DropCatch
garzahighschool com 1,575 “garza high school” GoDaddy
shangguan com 1,570 shangguan DropCatch
97365 com 1,569 97365 GoDaddy
62200 com 1,525 62200 GoDaddy
beerlandtexas com 1,475 “beerland texas” GoDaddy
unlimiteddesign com 1,450 “unlimited design” NameJet
jinzo com 1,225 jinzo Dynadot
ubifrance com 1,225 ubifrance DropCatch
oilmaster com 1,167 “oil master” GoDaddy
merch ly 1,136 merch
tbaonline org 1,025 tbaonline GoDaddy
eufit com 1,002 “eu fit” GoDaddy
42678 com 990 42678 GoDaddy
dronesactu com 966 “drones act u” DropCatch
ghbuilders com 931 “gh builders” GoDaddy
kfpartners com 895 “kf partners” GoDaddy
transformatio com 868 transformatio GoDaddy
scribbleit com 815 “scribble it” GoDaddy
tjfangshui com 810 “tj fang shui” GoDaddy
soundscout com 800 soundscout GoDaddy
origion com 792 origion GoDaddy
theerp com 792 “the erp” GoDaddy
charmstone com 762 charmstone GoDaddy
connectedservice com 752 “connected service” GoDaddy
ntsc-tv com 722 ntsc-tv GoDaddy
redpilltheory com 712 “red pill theory” GoDaddy
adobbe com 700 adobbe GoDaddy
weenrich com 689 weenrich GoDaddy
tkfl com 689 tkfl DropCatch
bachmanncounseling com 670 “bachmann counseling” GoDaddy
marketqueen com 667 “market queen” GoDaddy
whitesoul com 658 “white soul” DropCatch
lugit com 657 “lug it” GoDaddy
jstand com 615 “j stand” GoDaddy
tiendaweb com 610 tiendaweb Dynadot
verli com 605 verli DropCatch
thecupboulder com 605 “the cup boulder” GoDaddy
primethinking com 585 “prime thinking” GoDaddy
rapiddo com 565 rapiddo GoDaddy
ruralgrowth com 565 “rural growth” GoDaddy
thememypc com 562 thememypc GoDaddy
treasuredbooks com 562 “treasured books” GoDaddy
macmade com 560 “mac made” GoDaddy
domdigital com 550 “dom digital” DropCatch
fnintendo net 550 fnintendo DropCatch
charterayacht com 550 “chart era yacht” DropCatch
novelrocket com 549 “novel rocket” NameJet
repoxr com 548 “repo xr” GoDaddy
parentmagic com 525 “parent magic” NameJet
masterwolf com 520 “master wolf” GoDaddy
achimo com 512 achimo GoDaddy
whitelounge com 510 “white lounge” NameJet
estadozen com 510 estadozen GoDaddy
datingly com 510 “da tingly” GoDaddy
onlynatalia com 510 “only natalia” GoDaddy
khabar24 com 510 khabar24 GoDaddy
517000 com 505 517000 GoDaddy
charakterstaerken de 504 charakterstaerken Sedo
backun com 501 backun DropCatch
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Sedo adds traffic search feature for domains

2022-7-19 3:12:51


YOLO Bunny #3839 sold at 100 ETH, the highest transaction record in the series so far

2022-7-27 2:04:40

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