Sales Of New Top-level Domains Fell Slightly In June, And .xyz Domains Slowed Overall

The overall sales trend of new top-level domains in June declined slightly, and the sales of .xyz domain names as the “overlord” of new top-level domains also slowed down slightly in June.

However, the .xyz domain name still maintained its own advantages. In June’s TOP10 sales, the .xyz domain name occupied three seats, and, which was sold by swesha, took the top spot with a price of $2,800.

In addition, .app, .today, .space, .art, .love, .studio, and .domains each have their own seats, almost all of which are new top-level suffixes that investors are familiar with.

Domain NewsNews was acquired for $200,000

2022-7-8 5:40:29


.eth Domain Sale Stats 8th July 2022

2022-7-11 2:37:47

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